Ophelia Vert Language Videos

ophelia vert

This Youtuber doesn’t have enough views. If you want a Youtuber who discusses your interests and hobbies in a friendly, breezy and approachable way (who also puts me to shame with her French accent), I present Ophelia Vert.

She writes plays:

She discusses problems associated with creativity as well as obstacles to language learning. Additionally, if you are looking for videos in your target language, she covers French, Spanish, German, Russian, Swedish and Italian. Language learning can be overwhelming and boring at times * escapes horde of linguists and polyglots *; fortunately, her enthusiasm encourages the viewer to take it up again following a dry spell or lapse in confidence.

She doesn’t pretend to be perfect, which is extremely helpful for those lacking confidence in acquiring another language. As I discussed in my post Anxiety and Learning Languages, “performing” a language delivers the same stress as making a speech in front of a group of people or performing a play on stage.  If this applies to you, then I can only recommend Ophelia Vert’s videos to make yourself at ease with conversation.

No, I’m not a shameless promo bot (my blog posts say otherwise). Nor am I affiliated with Ophelia Vert. That’s my disclaimer over, now get yourself to her Youtube account and be inspired!

Image taken from Ophelia’s Youtube page.